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Sachs MadAss Reviews

"It's a commuter. It's a hooligan bike. It's for jumping off curbs and having a great time."
- Phil Waters/Pride of Cleveland

Word about the Sachs MadAss is slowly getting around. Even though the MadAss design has been popular for a while now outside of the United States it's just now starting to gain some attention and recognition among the two-wheeled community.

Below are some reviews of the Sachs MadAss 125cc but don't forget to visit the MadAss Army forums to get some first-hand accounts from owners.

  1. (26 Nov 2009)
  2. (26 Nov 2009)
  3. Ultimate Motorcycling (05 Sep 2009)

If you're looking for reviews on Sachs MadAss dealers themselves or venders that carry after-market parts for the MadAss, be sure to check out the Dealers page and click on the links to each of their pages.