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Madass Issues

Topics and discussions about upgrading, modifying and/or repairing the MadAss.

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Madass Issues

Postby Avach9 » 29 Oct 2015 14:48

Hey all,

Im new to the world of Madass but this summer I bought a 125 and I love it. But today I had issues. Today the bike wouldn't start. The electrical did not light up. I'm thinking the battery might be dead, but I was able to get it started with the kickstarter. I never leave the key in the ignition, I always turn off all the switches and electrical. But even so, after I started it with the kickstarter it wouldn't stay running for more than 10 minutes before shutting off. I checked and made sure that i have gas, and still can't figure out whats going on. After it shut down a few times, I was no longer even able to restart it using the kickstart.

Is there anyone in Manhattan that is willing to come by and take a look? Anyone know what is going on here? I'm definitely what you would call a beginner, and def need the help from the experts.

My number is 9179292801. My name is Avi. Please let me know.

Also, if its just a dead battery, is it possible to boost or recharge the battery? If not, which battery should I buy to replace it? and can you send or post a link? Thanks!

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Re: Madass Issues

Postby gleam » 31 Oct 2015 12:24

Check the fuse on the battery box. Perhaps it get short somewhere.
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Re: Madass Issues

Postby satur9 » 31 Oct 2015 14:13

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