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Want to Kill My Madass

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Want to Kill My Madass

Postby MadAssinGeorgia » 11 Mar 2014 08:43

So i have had my bike for 3 weeks and spent 1 hour trying to get it to start . I killed the battery so now its at the shop being charged . I dont know why this brand neww bike wont start .. Help me out any tips . i have done everything i can think of . thanks a bunch

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Re: Want to Kill My Madass

Postby mymadassisbadass » 11 Mar 2014 20:40

I would check the spark plug to see if its loose, it has to be tight to make contact with the spark plug. The fuse under the black plastic battery cover can blow easily if you use the electric start more than you should, especially if you have problems with the bike starting and you crank it over a lot in effort to start it. Check the fuel tap make sure it is pointing down, if it isn't getting fuel it will not start. Check the tank & add fresh gas ;) A clogged fuel filter can cause improper fuel flow and cause it not to start (using cheap gas doesn't help--it tends to be dirtier). I did work on one MA that had an issue with the kill switch, it had come loose and grounded the connection so it would start, so check the wires for looseness. In short there are several things that can cause issues, check these and see if any of them work, if you still are having trouble I will try to help you further.
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