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Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2011 00:19
by Stewped
This is just a basic concept of componets and elements involved with the Madass electrical system -- If you enjoy the video and would like to learn more of circuit fault testing , let me know

Re: Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2011 03:16
by Greg
This is great Stewped. I would definitely like to see a video detailing the three types of testing you mentioned with commentary when you would want to use each particular test.

Re: Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2011 09:34
by MadMike
Very well done!!!

Re: Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2011 09:03
by MilwaukeeMadass
Good job Sparks.

Re: Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2011 18:25
by Apex027
thanks stew ive had no end of electrical problems (i ride rain hail or shine) just about had it with the bike

but currently riding pushbike/catching train to work (which by the way sucks and cost 4 times as much to buy fuel for the madass each week )

had major trouble over the last 3 weeks which started with me replacing the coil

bike is currently not going after three weeks of chasing problems this vid has inspired me to try again.
my problems started with a lose ground wire( this happend not long after i bought the bike new) which when finally was fixed must of damaged the battery which eventually died 6months/ 5000kms later.battery was replaced only to have shorting out power wires going around the steering blowing fuses and shorting out indicators @7000kms . once fixed next day battery terminal fractured shorting out numerous fuses till i found the source two weeks later. another new battery went in ran ok for a month @ 9000 kms. then had no spark replaced coil two three weeks ago which got it running strong. then had high rpm stutter blew the indicator relay replaced it then blew a fuse (me and the bike) replaced fuse ran for 2 mins then no spark again
fuse still intact but no spark currently removed cdi and regulator found the missing metal clamp (holds the rear brakelines together) which went missing when i replaced coil. in between the battery holder and chassis hooked up between regulator clips may of caused the high rpm cut out problem and fuse bown i guess not sure

thought that from all the blown fuses( been through about 10 since i bought the bike). that the regulator maybe overcharging the system at high rpm causing the stutter but dont know for sure. checked the battery voltage after i had the stutter problems and have 12.8 volts at rest and 14.4 running. stutter only happens after about a kilometer or so at over approx 8400 rpms so not sure how to check if its overcharging while im riding (alligator clips and tape the multimeter to the bars) :???: that would be if it where still running

bike currently has no spark
cdi tested cdi unit doesnt have continuity not sure if it should have no idea how cdi works

please help

Re: Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2011 19:10
by Apex027
my current plan of attack is to give the bike a cleanup inspect and clean rear indicator stalks (they have some corrosion from riding in the wet) which may have caused the relay to blow. visually check as many wires as i can without fully striping the bike. reassemble and borrow a cdi unit from local pitbike shop to see if it will start. he (pitbike shop mechanic )is trying to help with advice here and there but isnt sure and is fully booked for next 2 weeks and i dont have the money to pay him to look at it anyway

Re: Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2011 00:01
by Stewped
Well -- I really hope you dont give up on your Madass -- When I first joined the Madass Army you were really active in the community and I would read all of your posts -- Helped me out alot

The higher rpm stutter almost sounds like a "pick up coil" issue -- The pick up coil is located under the left side case where the fllywheel is - and supplies the pulse {comunication] to the CDI and informs the Cdi of "fire point - not TDC" -- This is a magnetic coil that cordinates with a raise tab on the flywheel -- {it has a blue/white wire coming out of it} -- you can perform an ohms test {see page 97 of the manuel} -- However you might want to remove the flywheel {flywheel puller and flywheel hold fork required tools} and check the stator -- there are 2 screw that hold the stator to the plate if those screws come loose will interupt the ground to the pick up coil -- You might want to check this

Trust me if you can replace a coil {I read that post of yours too} you will have no problem checking the stator to plate -- If it is anything more sinister dont worry you are never alone here at the Madass Army well will work through it

The blown fuse issue will mostliky be a power to ground short -- This is generaly where a power wire insalator has worn through touching the exposed wire to ground {frame of bike} this just takes some common sense check areas of the bike where there are moving componets and wires near by -- visual inspection

Keep in touch -- Let me know how it works out -- Hope to hear from you soon

Re: Video - Basic Electrical Circuit

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2011 12:58
by Stikfas
hey Apex, have you figured out what the problem was for your bike? i have the similar issue with my bike right now