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Fuel Petcock Replacement or Upgrade

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Fuel Petcock Replacement or Upgrade

Postby Cbinvb » 11 Sep 2016 13:59

Hey folks, I know its been a loooong time but I am back and rebuilding my madass. During the rebuild I had the old leaky petcock in my hand and decided something better needed to be sorted out. So like many others, I went looking for a new petcock. Unfortunately there is no rebuildable OEM version and I be damned if I spend $50 bucks for the same old failure prone piece of shit that I'll need to replace after every winter.

So here it is people. A $20 petcock designed for ducatis and guzzis; bolts right on, points in the correct direction and "made in italy" (whatever thats worth).

If you find this post and the ebay link is no longer active then I am sorry, but you may be able to track something down using the following information. The thread size for the madass petock is M12x1.0, which is a common size for brake line fittings so you may be able to get creative. Otherwise, I learned that older honda minibikes like the Gorilla, Monkey, and Z50 used the same thread pitch on their petcocks for years. Unfortunately none of the auctions specified if they were the correct pitch and I didnt want to take the chance when the petcock I am listing below looked decent quality and had the thread details outlined in the auction.

Ducati, Morini, Moto Guzzi 750 petcock 12mm X 1.0 threads rear exit spigot #1015

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Re: Fuel Petcock Replacement or Upgrade

Postby mymadassisbadass » 06 Jan 2017 23:52

Good find! Another alternative part that actually fits is always helpful, the stock petcock units are getting harder to come by.
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