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Spokane Madass

Washington, Oregon and Idaho

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Spokane Madass

Postby MadassKeys » 04 Oct 2011 21:48

I bought a use madass in Spokane WA, June 23,2010. I had a honda 55, in the 60's and never rode again till now. I'm having so much fun on my MadAss 125. Once I got use to traffic, I was off. Since July 1st I've put on 3,200 miles and was never more than 50 mile away from Spokane. My only problems were, my tale light kept burning out due to the vibration. I took off the tail light and put sponge foam around the bolts and light fixture...problem solved. My battery ran low, and only holds a charge for 45 days. I can tell when it gets low cause my head light dims when I use the blinkers. I can see it when stopped in traffic, shining on the back of a car. I will get a new battery next year. I checked all the bolts and noticed that my lower motor mount bolt broke. There was just enough threads to put on a nut. No room for the washer and lock washer. I'll keep my eye on it. Now I have a small oil leak from the foot gear shifter. Should I worrie over that?

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Re: Spokane Madass

Postby RichardMA125 » 05 Oct 2011 23:49

MadassKeys wrote:Now I have a small oil leak from the foot gear shifter. Should I worrie over that?

Common problem, seals at starterclutch are popping out of the crankcase. Loads of information about this on the forums.

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